Tasting Notes

Limited Vintage Sparkling Wines

Tasting Notes

Wine Selections For Upcoming Allocations

We have been hard at work producing méthode champenoise sparkling wine for the last three years to assure an adequate supply for the opening of our club and tasting room. The first two vintages, 2015 and 2016, include Euphoria and Adoration. These two vintages of these two sparkling wines (four different wines) will be featured in the initial allocations for our club members.

The 2017 vintage includes all four of our planned wines; Euphoria, Adoration, Ebullience and Blanc de Blancs. We will release the 2017 vintage sparkling wines beginning Fall 2019.

2015 Euphoria

Bright pale yellow with tight beading, this silky, elegant sparkler shows intricate aromas of white peach, tangerine, honeysuckle, and gardenia with hints of toasty yeast. Easy to drink with a lively, effervescent palate, tropical fruit flavors are enhanced by moderate acidity for an alluring finish.

50% Chenin Blanc, 50% Muscat Canelli

13% ABV

Sur Lie: 28 months

Style: Brut, 7 g/l (.7%) residual sugar

Serving Temperature: 40-45*

2016 Euphoria

Translucent platinum, this classic and austere wine features an intriguing pithy hoppiness and light toast with aromas of lemon zest, apricot, mango, and papaya. The palate is aggressive and dynamic, shimmering with lots of sparkle and bright acidity that yields a round, lingering finish.

49% Chenin Blanc, 44% Viognier, 7% Muscat Canelli

12.2% ABV

Sur Lie: 15 months

Style: Brut, 5 g/l (.5%) residual sugar

Serving Temperature 40-45*

2015 Adoration

A beguiling pomegranate in color, this unique, richly textured wine is slightly akin to the famous Cherry Heering Liqueur, showing aromas and flavors of cherry, raspberry, cranberry, and red plum. For a delicious aperitif, muddle a sugar cube with 2-3 dashes of angostura bitters in the bottom of your flute and then bring on the bubbly.

100% Pinot Noir

13% ABV

Sur Lie: 28 months

Style: Brut, 12 g/l (1.2%) residual sugar

Serving Temperature 40-45*

2016 Adoration

Visually stunning with a lovely salmon hue, the beading is joyful, lively, and aggressive. Subtle hints of yeast dance with delicate aromas of candied strawberry, dried cherry, cranberry, and red carnations. Medium-high acidity provides great structure for a brisk, clean finish.

57% Pinot Noir, 26% Pinot Grigio, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon

13.5% ABV Serving Temperature 40-45*

Sur Lie: 15 months

Style: Brut, 4 g/l (.4%) residual sugar