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Heath Sparkling Wines


A Sparkling Experience

Heath Sparkling Wines is the first winery in Texas dedicated to the art of fine sparkling winemaking. Our multi-sensory tasting experience is unique, immersive and interesting. There really isn't anything like it.

A Sensory Fusion

Sparkling wine, side by side, with a perfectly selected accompaniment, and virtual tour.


Only Grape Creek Members may make reservations for June 27th - July 23rd.

Reservations are open to the public
for July 24th or later.

For Groups Larger than 6
Special Request Form

Reservations are highly encouraged,
and walk-ins are welcome,
subject to availability.


Traditional methods yielding
elegant complexity

In keeping with traditional techniques of Champagne, Heath Sparkling Wines utilizes Méthode Champenoise secondary fermentation and sur lie aging, to offer rich, opulent flavor.

The Process

Don’t miss a moment to celebrate

Chances are, something good will happen that is worth celebrating. Your collection of Heath Sparkling will always assure you are prepared for those sparkling moments.

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